Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reel to Real Rundown: Cloning Kenley

Maybe I’ve watched The Invasion with Nicole Kidman one too many times (since HBO’s practically been running a marathon of it all week). But as soon as I saw the mother/daughter pair that was assigned to Kenley on this week’s episode of Runway, I felt like I should probably add another deadbolt to my front door just in case the epidemic has already started spreading. As if she needed another reason to invoke the 50’s into her design, Kenley lucked up with a girl who looks exactly like her for a challenge that was all about designing for someone else's personal style. In a weird way, the same thing also happened to challenge winner Jerell. He got a tall, lanky, androgynous young lady who I imagine shared a lot of parallels with his own lifestyle … for lack for a better word. Honestly, now that all of the final collections have already shown in Bryant Park I totally want to just fast forward straight through to the season finale.

Highlight: Kato actually breaking a smile after weeks of being among the top three designers on the runway.

Best Backstab: Kenley for (yet again) inappropriately sniggling during someone else critique.

Quote I'll Most Likely Be Repeating: “You could almost wear that and go to a Working Girl party.” - Michael Kors in reference to Joe’s pinstriped interpretation of professional.

Winner: Jerell
Out: Joe

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