Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TiVO Alert: Bravo Brad!

Though he is one of the most annoying men I’ve ever seen on TV, he’s also one the most stylish these days. Brad Goreski of Bravo’s Rachel Zoe Project is one of the few highlights of the lackluster reality show.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy being able to watch Rachel in her element; putting together looks for celebrities and sometimes even pulling items right off the runway. But that takes up like five minutes of camera time. The rest of the show I’m watching with the volume turned all the way down, waiting to see what Brad’s wearing this week.

Every trend out there right now, he’s tried it. A little Ralph Lauren Purple Label here a little Alexander McQueen skinny denim there. I couldn’t have created a more perfect pocket gay for Rachel Zoe if I tried. So what if the sound of his voice makes me want to jump out a 10th floor window. That’s what the mute button was made for.

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